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Thoughts on My Whole30 Reset

I just completed a 21 day Whole30 reset! This is my first Whole30 in almost 4 years, and my fourth successful one overall. Every Whole30 is different, and this was no exception. The body continues to fascinate me - every Whole30 I find different aspects challenge me and I always react differently. These are the thoughts that resonated the most with me this round:

  • I am most successful, determined and committed when I have a clear WHY that I’m working towards. I wanted to do this reset to jumpstart postpartum weight loss, help my hormones rebalance and have an energy boost to keep up with my kids. I feel I was successful in navigating temptation and sticking to my plan because I made sure to have meals, snacks and leftovers on hand when I needed them. My hardest days were when I didn’t have a firm plan, or when I forgot something (snacks, lunch, coffee, etc).

  • Whole30 is time consuming; but also, we make time for what matters. Yes, I’ve spent A LOT of time cooking and doing the dishes, but not having decision fatigue about what to eat or what to order or when my husband will be off work so we can anguish over these daily questions has made me feel really productive. What time I lost cooking was made up for in the extra energy I had to tackle everything else needing to get done as a busy working mom.

  • I am still weary of tracking my food and feel anxious thoughts from my teenage years creep in every now and then. After my reset ended, 22 days in, I weighed myself and saw I’d lost a significant amount, which feels incredible physically (my jeans are no longer trying to sever me in half!) but mentally I heard that little voice whisper “keep goingggg!” Yes, I will continue to eat mindfully so I can achieve my long term weight loss goal - but in a healthy, balanced way, not just with the intention of seeing that number shrink. It’s a hard line to walk to not restrict myself too much, but right now I feel like I’m eating plenty of good, healthy, nourishing food and I intend to keep it that way.

  • My energy levels have been better, and I wish I could say I felt the Tiger Blood, but my gut feeling is that something is off hormonally. I had bad allergies for the last few days (it’s been really windy) so that may have contributed. I’m due for annual blood work so that should be interesting to see how everything looks after 3 weeks of clean eating.

  • And finally... Never underestimate the amount of joy a new measuring cup, shot glasses with tsp/tbsp for quick ingredients adding, and hot pink dish gloves can bring to your kitchen! I took the tip to treat myself from the Day by Day Whole30 journal, and it makes me so happy to use these new, affordable items. And the most joy of all - the disco planter I have hanging above the sink. Isn't she a beauty??

I hope reading my experience gives you some insight into what changes the Whole30 can bring to your lifestyle. For those who have done one or more, what are your biggest takeaways?


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