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8 Steps to Prep For Whole30 Success

Updated: Jan 3, 2018

You've done your grocery shopping and planned out your first few meals - but there are a few more things you should do to have a successful first week on Whole30.

1. Toss or donate ALL non-compliant foods. You don’t want the temptation!

2. Weigh and/or measure yourself on Day Zero (the night before you begin). You are NOT allowed to weigh yourself until the end of the 30 days. This experiment is about health and wellness, not losing weight (but that is almost a guaranteed side effect!).

3. Write down your Whole30 goals and put them somewhere you will see them (on the bathroom mirror, in your kitchen or even as a memo in your phone works). Some examples:


  • Reduce inflammation 

  • Improve gut health

  • Increase energy

  • Sleep better

  • Feel better mentally and physically 

  • Prove to myself I can do it! 

4. Buy a cute journal to track your food or get the Whole 30 Day-by-Day book. If you suspect you may have intolerances, writing down what you eat at each meal and how you feel each day will help pinpoint problem foods. You can also note your Non-Scale Victories (NSV) and watch as they pile up. Note: this is NOT for tracking calories or portions, just ingredients and overall wellbeing.

5. Come up with a backup plan for social situations. Have a go-to response for questions about your Whole30 and a plan for any scenario you may find yourself in:

  • Business lunches/dinners: order sparkling water/lemon instead of cocktails, blame your “doctor” for putting you on a special diet, etc

  • Friends/family: offer to cook for friends at home instead of going out. You're guaranteed to impress them with your new skills!

  • Travel: pack a ton of RxBars, Epic bars, individual sized packets of almond butter, no sugar added dried fruit, Larabars

6. If you can’t avoid eating out:

  • Eat a compliant meal at home before you go so you’re not starving

  • Look at the menu ahead of time and plan what to order

  • Ask/offer to pick a restaurant with Whole30 options

  • When in doubt, your best option is to ask for a salad with compliant dressing on the side or order protein and veggies a la carte, prepared with olive oil or ghee (no butter)

7. Always have snacks on hand. See travel options above and throw a few in your purse/gym bag in case you get hungry during the first few days.

8. Come up with 3 quick and easy go to meals that take 10 mins or less to prepare, that require little to no effort. Some suggestions:

  • Lettuce wraps with any meat, avocado, tomato, topped with mayo, salsa or salad dressing

  • Zoodles with sautéed veggies, topped with an egg for extra protein

  • Make ahead breakfasts like quiche or egg muffins that are just as delicious after work as they are in the morning


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